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Starbucks Paying Minimal Tax Amount Since ‘09


Starbucks. They don’t need any form of introduction. If you drink coffee, there’s a good chance you’ve had one of theirs at some point. And then some time later you’ve probably crossed the road to enjoy another moderately priced beverage at the store opposite. Based in Seattle, the company has stores all over the globe. With a dominant market share… Read more »

How To Tell If You Are on the Right Tax Code


If you are earning money through employment, then you will be paying tax through your employer. This means that tax will be deducted before it is paid to you. This makes things very straightforward for you, meaning that you do not have to worry about paying it. However, it is wise not to just take things in your stride. There… Read more »



In the 1999 budget, the Chancellor announced his intention to tackle tax and NIC avoidance through the use of personal service companies. This was the beginning of IR35. Prior to IR35 many people elected to use a limited company structure to avoid PAYE and NIC. A person could be paid by their employer through their Limited Company reducing their tax… Read more »